Our Success Stories
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Our Successful Projects

Virtual reality has proven to be a powerful tool for a variety of projects, ranging from entertainment to education and beyond. One of our most successful virtual reality projects includes the meal with hippos, Lake Naivasha tour, KICC rooftop tour, adventures of mchupa and the big 5. This technology has opened up new avenues for cultural exchange and education, allowing people to experience art and history in a way that was previously impossible.

Lewa conservancy partnership

Our partnership gave students from the Lewa Conservancy in rural & remote parts of Kenya to take part in the immersive learning process and get a better understanding of plastic pollution with visuals to help them experience a world they have never visited before.

Virtual Reality adventure at Kangemi Primary School

For students who see plastic pollution on a daily basis, our long-term engagement gave us an opportunity to dig deep into the gravity of the problem and work through changes they can make at school and at home to reduce plastic pollution.

Mcedo Beijing School

Our engagement with Mcedo Beijing School started with an extensive exploration of plastic pollution and virtual trips to different parts of the world which culminated in a trip to Hon. Jon Muchuki Park to experience the problem and the work going into cleaning our rivers,