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Immersive Education For All.

Ukwenza VR is an EdTech business focused on creating equity in education by developing and delivering blended extended reality (XR) education solutions to support learners of all backgrounds and abilities and in so doing fulfilling our vision of accelerating the use of XR in education across Africa.

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Where Learning Meets Innovation

The Problem

Overcoming Educational Obstacles

One of the biggest barriers to quality education is capital financing. With 92% of education budgets spent on salaries, less than 10% is available for essential investments like infrastructure, technology, and educator development. This results in inequity and poor access to quality education, especially in underserved communities, leading to lower educational attainment and higher poverty rates.

Additionally, 20% of children aged 9-19 consider dropping out, and 60% struggle with engagement. This leads to high illiteracy, unprepared graduates, increased dropout rates, low self-confidence, and limited career opportunities.

The Solution

Innovative XR Learning Solutions

Ukwenza VR creates immersive and interactive educational content, enabling students to virtually explore new environments, conduct science experiments, and engage in educational games. This approach enhances engagement, excitement, and learning outcomes. Our solutions cater to school-going children, adult learners, and educators, addressing diverse learning styles and needs.

Our Approach .

Ukwenza VR uses a five element approach to ensure holistic delivery of our solutions’ impact

1. Co-Design Content

co-create XR experiences with educators that match learners' needs.

2. Train Educators

train the educators on how to deliver the XR based content and accelerate the use of XR in education.

3. Assess Effectiveness

assess impact of XR experiences on learners’ outcomes.

4. XR Software Solutions

we are currently developing relevant software solutions to support the use of XR based content in institutions and organizations.

5. Ecosystem Support

we contribute to the XR in Education ecosystem by collaborating with like-minded organizations to deliver solutions, offering webinars, training and demos as well as R&D, advocacy and policy support.

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