Ukwenza VR

Ukwenza VR is a social enterprise based in Kenya that focuses on creating educational Virtual Reality (VR) content to complement classroom learning and offer additional learning on social and environmental issues e.g. conservation and plastic pollution.

We work with schools & educators to create and deliver the content to ensure it meets learning standards that serve the community.

About Us

We are an educational virtual reality startup creating equity in education. We offer quality virtual reality content for classroom and extra curricular learning allowing students access to realistic educational experiences.

The Team

Meet the team behind our VR education revolution! Discover the faces driving our mission to make education more equitable by delivering world-class VR experiences to every learner in the world.


Njeri Ndonga

Co-Founder | Team Lead

Co-founder and Team Lead overseeing overall vision and operations.

Gathuka Mwangi

Co-Founder | Creative Lead

Co-founder and Creative Lead, in charge of development and creation of VR experiences

Wandia Kimani

Behaviour Change Lead

Behaviour Change Lead, in charge of designing experiences around adaptation of VR and implementation of content

Winnie Ndonga

Production Manager

Production Manager & Generalist offering all rounded support.

Let us create

equity in education


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